We're Here To Help

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What We Do

The Crisis Hotline is an Idaho Non-Profit where a person in any crisis can call to get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The center provides confidential crisis intervention service providing information and referrals. We offer help, hope, and healing to empower individuals facing life challenges, suicidal thoughts, emotional or situational problems. Sometimes all someone needs is just a listening ear.

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Help Us Help Others

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You Can Play An Important Part In Saving Lives

There are lots of ways to get involved:

  • Help organize and participate in Events
  • Help out in the office or on the website
  • Participate in one of our Programs such as the Teen Outreach Program
  • Connect us with potential donors
  • Help with communications and social media

Help with our 24/7 Hotline:

By donating 2 days a month to speak with callers on the Hotline, you can make a difference, learn new skills and be a part of our team of caring, courageous volunteer crisis intervention counselors. This is truly giving back to our community at its most fulfilling. Most of the work involves supportive communication with people who are struggling with difficult life transitions or situations. No previous experience is necessary; you will be taking part in the Volunteer Training and receive continuing support and assistance from team leaders.

Ways to find our more:

Call the office at 208-788-0735